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No Experience Is Wasted…

SSS Experience

You know when a quote finds you at just the right time? Well, this one did for me and I hope it does for all of you too…

It’s usually when we’re in physical or emotional pain that we begin to do some inquiry about our beliefs and the karmic seeds we’ve sowed with one of two questions, “Why is this happening?” or “Why is nothing happening like I wanted?”

Hopefully the answer appears quickly but when we are placed in timeout, sitting in interrogation over a lengthy period of time, we can really hunker down in the suffering of wondering, the uncertainty, and the feeling of isolation. We may flail about, squandering our energy to find the lesson so we don’t feel like we’re “wrong” or made a mistake.

And what I’m beginning to realize is the lesson only reveals itself when it’s supposed to (and that’s really annoying! Can’t you just stick it on a Post-It?) It may not be tomorrow, next week, or next year. It’s in it’s own time.

Additionally, what I think this quote speaks to is to ask ourselves what we believe in the universe beyond us? Is it an antagonistic enemy there to beat us down? Or is it our loving teammate helping to move us into wholeness by assisting us to grow from both nourishment but also pruning?

I’d venture to guess, no one likes the pruning part because that’s the unpleasant distress when all of our doubting begins. Perhaps, instead, these are the times to open our hearts and work on having faith to trust the process that is taking place beyond what we know in this moment. And that what’s happening is the best thing for us to bloom and thrive for the finest life we can have.

Our real challenge is to choose what we want to believe in… 

Also, Happy Birthday Oprah!!! This post was not planned explicitly for this day but I’m so grateful you’re in this world helping us to heal, transform, and find peace within ourselves…. ❤


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