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More Heart Opening…

Meditating by the Sea

I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that what Black Friday is to retailers, Valentine’s Day is to yoga studios. If there was one more class or workshop offered on opening our heart chakras, there were going to be some arrows being slung alright…but not by Cupid. 🙂

I don’t think we are supposed to foolishly be vulnerable and expose ourselves to just anyone we meet. I think our real work is to open our hearts to what the universe has in store for us, to stay curious and flexible on our journeys through this lifetime.

But this practice requires us to examine our sense of belief. Do we trust we are being led to the experiences that are the best for us to grow into our higher selves? Or do we think we’re being punished and kept away from our desires?

Actually, in this 21-day meditation, Deepak Chopra talked about developing “abundance consciousness.” When our hearts are closed down, we’re pessimistic and cling to the specifics of what we need to be happy and to feel loved. But when our hearts are open, we’re creative, optimistic and receive what comes to us with gratitude.

In almost any situation, the composition of our faith colors it. It sets the tone for our intentions. Even in the way the anatomy of the body is designed, it’s the quality of the heart that fuels everything. So what are we putting in there?

In this other post I did about opening our hearts, how can we ever practice compassion and empathy without a sense for the bigger picture beyond what’s happening at the moment?

We get what we believe. Know that what’s happening is for the best. Trust that beyond what you can see before you, a force is working on your behalf. 

Several of my teachers say savasana is sometimes the hardest pose and so is surrendering our expectations and certainty to a higher power. Even more than handstand, having a heart that is full of faith is an advanced posture. I’m working on it…