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Loving the Unconscious

Heartbroken Sad Upset Girl Holding a Heart on Blue Background

While the holidays are largely branded as a time of gratitude, it can also be stressful and taxing to gather with those who irritate not only our most basic way of life but also our political and spiritual ideologies. 

While this scenario may not seem ideal, it can be an opportunity to work on expanding a practice of loving kindness to those who challenge us the most. 

It’s quite unfortunate that shared chromosomes does not promise similar levels of consciousness. But instead of being ready to battle their entire being, can you find a small part of them to be grateful for and concentrate on that?

Maybe it’s that no matter what your differences are, this person opens their home to you every year. Or perhaps they try to make up for a lack of empathy with material gifts. It’s even possible that someone’s criticisms, deep down, are because they want you to have a better life than they did.  

By keeping our attention on cultivating tenderness, we can develop a kinder connection rather than feeding what separates us. 

The Bhagavad Gita defines dharma as, “support from within: the essence of a thing, its virtue, that which makes it what it is.” 

For whatever reason, the evolution of consciousness is not necessarily a choice. It’s a mysterious part of the human condition that is tied to our destiny.

When we can lower the rigid accountability that we subtly expect, not only do we experience more joy and contentment but we can also set an example for others. 

Hope everyone has a safe and abundant holiday!