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Bark or Bite? What Fear Shows…

Isn’t it funny that sometimes we get a lesson in the most surprising places?

This video of a dog being rescued has stayed with me long past the first time I watched it. Sometimes it’s so easy to see in others what we cannot see in ourselves.

This pooch was abandoned. She’s scared and in her fear she appears angry, malicious, and judgmental. She thinks the rescuer is going to hurt her like someone else has done in her past and she doesn’t believe this could be an opportunity for something good for her. She feels she needs to protect herself so she lashes out and fights with him.

And then there is the rescuer. He doesn’t treat hostility with hostility. He’s patient as he lets her unleash her emotions without absorbing them while, at the same time, he sets boundaries in a calm way, scolding her when she tries to bite him. His confidence in knowing he can earn her trust allows him not to rush the process.

I think this is such a great example of why we go to yoga and how we can practice in our lives off the mat.

We probably come across people who are upset almost every day. But it’s our choice as to how we react to the them. Do we superficially judge them as just “angry” or “mean” and give back to them more rage? Or can we go deeper and not mirror their emotion but instead just notice they are hurt and are lashing out without taking it personally that it’s about us. Sometimes being equally irritable causes even more trauma to the situation.

Furthermore, by establishing an unwavering belief in our integrity, to see our intention manifest, is what will allow us to persevere through tense times.

Is life really that simple? To be the abandoned dog or the kind rescuer?

If you’re an animal lover, like I am, please check out this organization in Los Angeles. They have more videos documenting their rescues that are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Thank you Hope For Paws!

2 thoughts on “Bark or Bite? What Fear Shows…”

  1. Dang, Jenn! Had to fight back the tears…
    I feel more for Holly. I’m an abandoned dog working towards rescuing other souls…

    Happy to see you again. xo

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