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Learning to Speak Your Truth



I’m not someone who opens up easily with my true feelings especially when it comes to something sad or negative. I will with friends over time but certainly not to strangers or mere acquaintances. But a recent birthday put me into a new decade and I had a massive psychological meltdown as many things in my life are just not where I’d like for them to be.

And randomly, when someone who I don’t know very well, asked me how my birthday was I answered with the truth that, “It wasn’t good” and in response they offered the most heart warming, poignant advice. It was exactly what I needed at that time!

Also a good friend of mine who is terrified of flying, was on a flight to London and asked a famous model to raise the shade to her window just so she could feel more comfortable when they were close to landing. At first the model refused as (I’m assuming) this is an overnight flight and too much sunlight can be jarring. But once my friend admitted to her fear of flying, the model immediately granted her request for aide.

We may think unleashing our emotional turmoil can be a burden to others. All of us have encountered people who complain and vocalize every problem they have as if we’re open trash receptacles and I think we experience pain in those situations because it’s originating from a superficial place.

But perhaps when we come from a deeply vulnerable position and we can convey what’s going on in our internal world, it actually helps people to quickly understand us better. Sometimes finding compassion can be hard work and it takes more time than the few seconds we have in a brief encounter. If we do the heavy lifting for them, they don’t have to pick at, and guess at what could be going on.

Additionally, by giving voice to our afflictions we can allow for some divine timing to intervene and guide us to the right people and situations to support our healing in a way we didn’t expect. But we have to take responsibility for letting our truth be known.

So be courageous, get out of your comfort zone, and let others help you in miraculous ways…

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