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Reinventing the Resolution

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How are everyone’s New Year’s resolutions going? 

My Vinyasa 2/3 classes have been all over the place with new people flooding in and then disappearing. And while some come with yoga experience, others are brand new and it just makes me think, Did you not read the class description???

I’m sure we seem intimidating with instructional terms being called out in Sanskrit and body parts levitating in all directions. And then I feel bad that these poor souls have set themselves up to fail by starting too high. 

While we may approach a new intention with excitement and ambition, it’s important to notice if we have the right beginners mind. 

Instead of committing to an all-or-nothing mindset, we should be devoted to creativity, openness, and playfully experimenting for finding what suits our individuality. 

When we resolve to change, it doesn’t mean that the outcome has to be exactly as we originally imagined it to be and when we fall short of that expectation, we deem that we’ve “failed.” 

We don’t know the real, intricate, extent of any commitment until we’re entrenched in it. Usually we’re attracted to change because we’re interested in becoming healthier, kinder, more peaceful. We want to grow our character. 

So before we completely abandon the effort, maybe it’s time to re-examine the feeling we wanted to produce and try another way. Evolution is always possible when we have a flexible reasoning to tweak and perhaps reimagine our original intentions.

Our greatest success is when we pursue infinite potential… 

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