Beginnings, Creating Awareness, Excavating Authenticity, Having Faith, Intention

The Edge is the Place of Freedom to Discover Yourself

As the Olympics airs and we watch new world records being set and fresh accomplishments are achieved, let us all be reminded of how incredible it is to explore the edges of who we are and what we can do.

The edge…that place where we teeter on a boundary and we think that’s the limit for what we have and who we are. Yet just out of daring curiosity we inch forward, reaching beyond what we think we know, and suddenly find a new realm about our being and its capacity. That’s the treasure, the celebration for discovering something we didn’t know was there. Whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, personal, or professional our magnitude has been redefined.

The edge is not necessarily the exploration of perfection. It’s the wonder for excavating every nook of our genuine authenticity that society, institutions, and perhaps our families have buried. We have to dig for it and uncover our essence.

Can you be faster, more patient, kinder, more creative, resilient, or persevere past an obstacle with courage and grace? Can you be any and all of these things and find your best is getting better?

For those of us living in the U.S. we’re allowed so many liberties and opportunities yet how many times do we hold ourselves back because of our own negative belief systems?

Our minds can be a prison of solitary confinement, shackling us in a penitentiary of judgements and expectations as our guarded rationale may say: That’s a crazy idea. I’m too old. I’m scared of getting hurt.

We must exercise our freedoms! Be brave and free yourself, from you. Exploit fearlessness if only for the glorious beauty of having an epiphany about who you are.

Merely start with the intention to step forward and allow the space of patience to explore and experiment without expectation. Have fun. Be irrational. Be a connoisseur of your individuality.

Finding those moments when we are more than we imagined we could be, are when the gaps between dreams and truth collide into revealing a new domain of reality.

It’s out there. Are you searching for it?

The best in all of us exists and is meant to be known. Are you holding back from knowing your own greatness?

So those “irrational” dreams you have? Explore them. Reach for them. They are within you for a reason, to put you on the path to getting closer to your true self in ways that will amaze you.

These athletes we’re watching moved toward their edge and look where it has lead them.

Confidence and authenticity is divinity. It is freedom.