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Managing Emotions & Owning Your Insides


Almost anyone who knows me is aware that summer is my most challenging time of year. In the science of Ayurveda I’m primarily composed of fire (Pitta dosha) so I’m literally burning up inside and out every day in this season. 

Begrudgingly I must admit that when I was younger noticing what was triggering my irritability didn’t occur to me. I would lash out with extreme impatience, pointing the blame at everyone around me. 

But with all these years of yoga and mindfulness practice, I can sense the inflamed temperament of: snarky criticism, anger, aggression, and impatience which are indications that I’m the one who’s out of balance instead of blaming the external situation and those around me. 

However, I’m not the only one who is afflicted with this. It’s recognized worldwide that crime rates are highest during hotter seasons – literally, tempers flare. 

When we’re burrowed in an emotion it can be very hard to realize we can choose how we react to the outside world at times. But in order to claim it we have to name it before we commit. 

Our external environments do have an effect on our emotions. Whether it’s a full moon, altitude, or you’re traveling to a foreign land; taking some time for solitary confinement can help us recognize our state of affairs and then we can select a course of action that is fair and altruistic instead of provocative.

Until we can identify where our inner storm is stemming from, we can at least quarantine our polluted perspective so that our sour temperament has the space to align with our higher  intentions for a greater good. 

**If you want to learn more about Ayruveda and your dosha type, this quick test from the Chopra Center is one that I like the most.**