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Reflecting on Last Year

Happy New Year everyone! 

As much as we’re all relieved to have a fresh start, we may be quick to just put the devastating hardships of 2020 that we went through behind us. 

But if we take a moment to dig through the rubble, there are a few hidden gems that are buried in the ruins that can actually help us to enrich our lives and create a deeper sense of love and happiness as we move forward.  

The Character Reveal

Last year unveiled the truth in our relationships. Whether it was the acquaintance who surprisingly showed up or the blood relative who was silent; we witnessed a genuine reality of who people are. Who aligned their words with their actions, who was a one-way street, and who amazed us with sincere empathy and kindness? 

We can use these observations to reprioritize our connections to be more authentic and to have clear expectations for what people’s true nature really is. 

Appreciate the Smallest Freedoms

Who would have thought that being able to manage your own beverage sweetners at your local coffee shop was such a treasure? Or that hugging would be considered an act of defiance? And even being inside with loved ones could be dangerous? 

We didn’t realize the liberties that we were taking for granted before this pandemic. Noticing what we’re missing now can allow us to express a more frequent and enthusiastic sense of gratitude in the future. 

Vulnerability Takes Strength

It’s courageous to take on a new initiative when you’re already in a raw and humble place because you’re opening up to being scraped with even more uncertainty. 

Maybe you put your ego aside and reached out to a friend or loved one who you had lost touch with. Perhaps you learned to speak up and ask for help when your mental health was spiraling into a sinkhole.

Taking the lead to honestly express your humanity takes some heavy emotional muscle lifting. 

Commend yourself for putting your heart forward, during a time when you had a choice to contract or expand and you chose the latter…

Wellness is Wealth

While some of us are gifted with a lineage of ample health, others have not been so lucky in the genetic lottery. We may not be where we want to be financially but we have to recognize it’s an incredible blessing to be mobile and independent with fully-functioning cognitive abilities. 

It’s going to be a long time before we understand everything about COVID-19. We may not have the exact specifics but be thankful there is something about your body’s defense system that’s kept you safe this entire time. 

Wishing all of you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year to come!