Creating Awareness, Intention, Patience

The Importance of Seeds


Needless to say, there was no yoga class for me over the holidays. And living in a tiny apartment I can’t practice at home so I did some stretching and short handstand practices at the gym. As much as I surrendered to what was beyond my control, I was still frustrated and scared for this impending set back.

When the normal schedule resumed, I was skeptical about returning to one of my hardest classes. I told myself, Alright…you’re just going to have to take it on the chin and accept you’re not going to be able to do most of it.

Surprisingly almost all of it went quite well. I definitely lost some strength but most of the poses were accessible with a fair amount of ease which got me thinking about seeds…

We usually refer to “planting seeds” as an initiative, something new to begin. But seeds can also be fertilizer, nourishing and supporting what’s already grown.

I thought the small things (stretching and short handstand practice) I did wouldn’t amount to much but they did.

Sometimes we don’t have to make big commitments to still be effective. A kernel is still a grain of energy that helps sustain and propel our truest intentions.

So as we return from the holidays to hectic schedules, and perhaps with some added New Year’s resolutions in tow, know that even a small attempt can support your goals in astonishing ways….

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