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The V-Word…Vulnerable

I was going to blog about something else but a friend of mine posted this video to Facebook today. When I read the title, “The Power of Vulnerability” I grabbed a pen and paper because I knew there would be lessons to be jotted down but I didn’t expect to be completely boggled by discovering a whole new realm of myself that I was unconscious of.

Holy Oprah moment! Better yet…how is this woman NOT on Oprah’s advisor panel??

Brené Brown is a researcher who studied the link between vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame and how it affects our ability to connect to each other.

And again, there’s a repetitive message from her that I’ve heard Oprah and several yoga teachers say, “We’re here to connect/we’re all connected.”

That sounds great but vulnerable? The v-word? Who wants that? I’m pretty sure I got an immunization shot for that a long time ago. No, no…not for me. I HATE vulnerability! I would rather do something physically painful than be emotionally open like that.

Besides, on this journey to being a better person I’ve already targeted compassion, kindness, and patience. I don’t think there’s room for vulnerability too.

But dang it if Brené doesn’t spell it out so that it sounds appealing, necessary even, to having fuller, deeper relationships with ourselves and others.

I won’t list all the lessons (and the two pages of notes I took) because I’m sure everyone will get something different out of this.

I’m certainly not going to be running out on the streets being vulnerable everywhere I go now, but it’s noted and I’ll work on it…

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