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Starting Something New…


At some point, many of us get to a place in life where a desire for something has been growing and now it’s time to act on it. But you’re unsure of how this desire is going to be realized, or how you’re going to get to where you want to go.

It’s as if you’re standing at the edge of an expansive canyon, looking across, knowing you want to be on the other side. But there’s this massive gap before you.

Going from where you are, to where you want to be seems so distant, vast, and overwhelming. You don’t know what’s out there, the obstacles you’ll face, or how long the journey will take. You question your own abilities, wondering if you’ll be able to handle what might come at you, or if you’ll ever get there.

You know how you got here and you wonder, was it all for nothing? Was everything that happened before, that led you here, an illusion? Am I not meant to make it across to the other side?

You think about quitting and giving up but you can’t because what you want has always been there and you just know it will never go away. You can’t go back to what you came from.

All you can do is step into the unknown. As uncomfortable as it may be, there is no other choice. Step forward and know that you’re at this starting point for a reason. Everything that has happened before has brought you here. It wasn’t supposed to be any other way. It hasn’t been for nothing.

All we can do is ask to be guided, to follow the path of instinct step by step. Let each sign reveal itself when it’s supposed to.

I write this, not from a place of authority but from a hope of what an enlightened spiritual teacher might say to me right now because I’m standing on the edge of that canyon; scared of disappointment, wondering if my dreams for what I want my life to be are delusional?

There’s only one way to find out…

7 thoughts on “Starting Something New…”

  1. Is there more expansive than a canyon? That is where I am. grrr

    We both know that these prevailing thoughts serve as parts of this magical journey we have set for ourselves, no? Road blocks. Pitstops…
    Until we silence such thoughts… and again, we both know what it means to silence such thoughts… then it’s another step to get to the other side.

    1. Ha! That’s well put, “is there anything more expansive than a canyon?” I guess that’s the thing, the experience is expansive. Grrr….wishing you smooth sailing. Namaste…

      1. Sorry Jenn. My phone app is being stupid and closed my comment right away.

        Yes, it made me smile because having an expansive experience is far better than a mini one. More growth. More learnings. More of what we can put in meaning we actually have a lot to offer.

        Isn’t that amazing?? =)

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