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Falling Upwards: Letting Go of Regret

Spring Happiness

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through this year already! I started to look back at where it started and the dreams that I had for what might come to fruition, and well…I’ve encountered some spiritual stunners that sent me reeling. 

What do I mean by “spiritual stunner?” Those surprising times when you’re dealt a circumstance that sends you into a state of disbelief. You’re not sure why it’s happening, or what you did, or didn’t do, to contribute to it. And you’re REALLY not sure how or when you’re going to get to the other side. 

Because of all this turmoil, either your physical or emotional state, or both, needs time to rest, recover, and heal. 

Yet when we begin to return to our normal selves we may have thoughts of regret. Like, How have I put on 10 pounds? How have I put off ______ for months now? Why do I keep having to keep coming back to ________ over and over again?


These subtle remorseful thoughts are actually discrediting your humanity. “Life” can get in the way of our best intentions for how we envision our lifestyles to be. 

Instead of hating yourself, your body, your living space, your less than perfect habits; can you be a little more neutral and give yourself some compassion? 

Beating yourself down isn’t going to change where you are in the present. In fact, these negative thoughts only propel us further down into extra emotional turbulence. 

You’ve already tumbled down. Can you now surrender to what you had to go through that was beyond your control and patiently, kindly lead yourself back to your original intentions?  

Yoga Sutra 2.35: In the presence of one firmly established in non-violence, all hostilities cease.

Sri Swami Satchidananada goes on to comment that, “When the vow of ahimsa (non-violence) is established in someone, all enmity ceases in his or her presence because that person emits harmonious vibrations.” 

We reverberate our thoughts. Can you remember the last time you encountered someone who utterly hated their existence? What kind of energy did they provoke in everyone around them? 

By being benevolent to ourselves we raise our energy vibration to one that is a little more peaceful and calmer. It’s in this reminder of being mindful of our thinking that we have the chance to transform the darkness, that we appear to be in, into a more supportive place of illumination. 

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