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Is Unconditional Love Within Reach?

Emeli Sandé’s “Next to Me” is climbing the charts here in the US and I found this clip of her explaining the meaning behind the song.

What a great concept to be reminded that unconditional love is next to us all the time…

The bigger question is are we open enough to recognize when it shows up? Perhaps some of us didn’t get it from our family but it can appear in other ways. It could be in a traditional or unconventional form from a pet, a friend, or a teacher. It may be in a fleeting moment or for a long time.

Some believe that in order to experience this type of love means that we keep people in our lives even when they are treating us poorly. That is not true.  

Unconditional love is supportive of, and encourages, a mutual, healthy authenticity. In fact, I found this article from verywellmind that outlines what it should look like. 

Hope you all check out Emeli’s song here on iTunes.

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