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Huge hugs and thanks to Cathie Barash Blog for a triple nomination for REALITY Blog Award, 2012 Blog of the Year, and the Very Inspiring Blog Award! If this is any indication as to how the year is going to go, then I’m super stoked for 2013!

I’m going to break these up into different posts.

Questions and Answers for the REALITY Award

  1. If you could change one thing what would you change? I’d fix the NYC subway to have rubber tires like the Metro in Paris and hopefully save people’s hearing. 
  2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be? 26
  3. What is one thing that really scares you? Being vulnerable. 
  4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it? I’m currently (still) working on doing a handstand in the middle of the room. This is the year, baby! 
  5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be? Anne Hathaway, if you’re that talented how do you pick what you’re going to work on that day? Is it perpetual A.D.D. or pure self-entertainment? How does that work??

Rules for the REALITY Blog Award

  1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them.
  3. Answer the 5 questions presented.
  4. Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify them on their blogs.
  5. Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

Blogs I Nominate:

  1. Lauren Rose Burke
  2. Pink Banana Shoes
  3. High, High, Higher

4 thoughts on “REALITY Blog Award”

  1. Thank you for the acknowledgement, it means a lot! I hope you don’t mind but I’m holding off on accepting and passing on awards for now. Please know though that I appreciate the sentiment all the same! 🙂

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