Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Huge hugs and thanks to Cathie Barash Blog for a triple nomination for 2012 Blog of the Year, REALITY Blog Award, and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! If this is any indication as to how the year is going to go, then I’m super stoked for 2013! (Notice the ‘3’-peat already??)

I’m going to break these up into different posts.

In general, I’m honored to accept this (and any) nomination because I feel that it gives us a chance to do something new on our platforms and also to spread the word about other blogs we love in a unique and fun way.

Rules for the Very Inspiring Blog award

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Post the award image on your page.
  3. Tell seven random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate seven to fifteen other blogs.

7 Random (Possible O.C.D.) Facts About Me:

  1. My childhood adventures in suburban life included learning how to twirl a baton and archery was part of P.E.!!! 
  2. I always wanted to take ballet and dance in a pair of toe-shoes.
  3. When given the choice, I prefer even numbers.
  4. I’m a knitter (but scarves only).
  5. I HATE the smell of lavender.
  6. I keep a list of the celebrities I’ve run into with date and place.
  7. One time, they handed out leashes in school and I tried to walk my cat. It did not go well…

Blog I Nominate:

  1. With An Open Heart
  2. Linda’s Yoga Journey
  3. Chia Mia
  4. The View From My Mat
  5. The Better Man Projects
  6. Sunshine Yoga UK
  7. Joy Roots

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