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A New Reason for Gratitude – YOU!

For those who have a daily or weekly gratitude practice, you may notice that most of your observances are for things that happen to you or around you; when the weather is just as you like it, or you were nicely surprised by a loving gesture. 

But what if you started noting the efforts that you’re making towards getting to a higher existence? Perhaps you sat in meditation for an extra 10 minutes or you were extra patient with a friend who’s been overly needy lately…

We can be so quick to go about our day that these tiny, toddler moments of transitioning into transformation can easily be overlooked and yet they’re so useful because they’re markers for the unique mission that we’re on. 

The time and hard work that we’re putting in to invoke the change we want to see in our lives is a precious gem cutter; polishing and shaping a rough stone into a valuable possession. 

I’ll confess I’m on a weight loss journey and I’ve noticed I’ve been waking-up almost every day with thoughts of, You have to fix this! You look disgusting! This mental punishment makes me feel as if my goal is far, far away and then I begin to doubt if I’ll ever get there. 

Instead when I reflect on my day and note just one thing that I did that aligns with my goal, I feel calmer and less anxious about the future. And the next day, I’m not starting off in such an unfavorable headspace. 

It’s as if acknowledgement is a kind of alchemist that soothes our fears and reassures us that we’re on a path toward refinement. Whereas beating ourselves into better lowers our energy vibration with negativity rather than raising it. 

Appreciating our own actions is not vain or narcissistic. It actually helps to remind us of how empowered we are to create and manifest the evolution we are seeking by doing small things every day. 

So add yourself to your gratitude list to stay motivated and optimistic that the fruits of your labor will blossom!