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Wandering Drishti – An Aha Moment at Wanderlust


Over the weekend I attended the Wanderlust Festival in NYC. It was awesome to have the opportunity to practice with some of the rock stars of our yoga community: Dana Trixie Flynn, Raghunath, and David Romanelli. All were great teachers and it was such a treat to be infused with their unique energy.

And it was gorgeous here, like “breakout the Crayolas” when we have that vibrant blue sky and the trees and grass are a lush evergreen.

But in practicing outside, I noticed in a few poses, that looking to the sky with sporadic white fluffy clouds passing by, trying to use a drishti [1] for steadiness left me feeling queasy and off-balance. Yet when I looked at the ground, to the texture of the grass, I was stable.

Holy metaphor for life!!!

As beautiful as that sky was, it’s infinite to the eye and constantly in motion. Just like the future. When we try to look too far into the future guessing, or projecting, what will happen we can lose our balance and be pulled off of our path. That’s why we have to ground down in the now. It’s the only solid foundation we have to work with.

Other information may come up as time goes on but the truth is revealed moment by moment. We can hardly rely on what’s going to happen in the weeks, months, or years to come. The future is always in flux.

If Wanderlust comes to a city near you, I highly recommend checking it out!

[1] For my non-yoga readers, drishti is finding a focal point to concentrate on. You steady your mind on the thing you’ve chosen while your body is in motion.

2 thoughts on “Wandering Drishti – An Aha Moment at Wanderlust”

  1. Holy crayola metaphor! I looove it! I’ll use it in my class ok? I’ve been teaching corporate yoga, and when it’s a beautiful day, we head outdoors. It has been friggin difficult! And even on the grass… they can be uneven as is our path. We can only appreciate the softness and greenness of it, and flow with its challenging surface.
    This is a continuance of your metaphor! Haha… sooo love your posts!
    Namaste. =)

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