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Finding Abundance in the New Year

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For those of us who habitually frequent fitness studios throughout the year, I especially, find myself annoyed at the invasion of the fleeting New Year’s resolutions flakes who won’t be seen past February.

Particularly in class last week…I arrived early and had my nook all settled, a place that perfectly fits one person between a pillar and the wall as this was an advanced Vinyasa 2/3 level class with arm balances and handstands; you need a little more room to spread your wings.

As the space filled up more than usual, there were the obvious violations of yoga etiquette: loud chatter, trampling all over other people’s mats, talking on cell phones, and a clutter of bags placed in proximity where props would normally go. Hello! This isn’t Zumba!

But I was protected in my little haven, ready to begin to flow. Until ten minutes in and my teacher came over with one more student. “Will she fit?” she asked politely. I cringed, moved over and said, “I guess?”

I was silently cussing big time! How are you 10 minutes late and have the audacity to still come in to a packed class? The flow was now in motion and I had to catch-up. I was now against the wall and couldn’t even flip my dog. Grrrrrr! Bye-bye Koundinyasa…

Oh, and I noted that this intruder’s practice was not a level two . It was like one-and-a-half. In fact, looking across class most of the people couldn’t even do a tripod headstand. WHAT are you doing here, you flakey New Year’s resolution, interim posers!

Like many yoga practitioners I made intentions, not resolutions. Noticing all this turmoil and then issuing lashing judgments was not serving me.

Did anyone else do Oprah/Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge on abundance?

On the extra day (#22), the centering thought was,As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.”

To believe in scarcity of any kind, is fear-based. When we’re scared, or on guard, we tend to constrict ourselves through skepticism, cheapness, judgement, a quid pro quo mentality. Only give when you get.  

Yet we don’t need to be fearful because there’s plenty to go around. It really comes down to two things:

  1. Adjusting to, “How much do I really need?”
  2. Surrendering our original expectation to how it’s going to work.

Yes, I would like space to go all out in my practice because I want to be stronger. Yet for that one moment did I really need it? Probably not. I can modify and it’s not as if class is going to forever be packed like that.

I think sometimes, we take so much pride and have too much attachment for the things we value that we can become defensive about protecting them. In this case, it’s the studio where I practice but this behavior could be found toward anything else: a house, a car, a computer, our time, or our jobs, etc.

We think there will not be enough for us to accomplish our goals. We have to compete for scarce resources. We don’t have enough oil. We’re going to run out of water. There’s not enough flu vaccines!

But we stick to these things as if there is no alternative. It’s that or nothing. Yet there are always other solutions…if we’re open to them. The moment is not eternity.

To Mr. Chopra’s point, when we believe in abundance we relax, are generous, open up and don’t consider what we give up to be a “sacrifice.” That’s what giving with the intention of love is. You just give, to give. There’s no accounting system needed. Whatever we really need will present itself.

So in this new year, can we believe a little more in the amazing abundance all around us or at least be patient until February when the New Year’s resolution flakes leave us alone? 🙂

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